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Our Process

Capital Advantage was founded with the fundamental goal of placing each of our clients at the center of the financial planning and investment management process.

Our 5-Step Process

Designed to help you achieve your financial goals

For us, you are more than just an account. You are a person with a story, a family, and a future. We’re here to help sort through your options and help you protect and grow what you’ve already built. 

Our 5-step process is carefully crafted to create a personalized financial plan and investment strategy that are specifically designed to help you achieve your unique financial goals.

Step 1

Getting to Know You

We offer an initial no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our advisors to get to know you. We explain more about what we do and give you a chance to see if our firm is the right fit for you. 

As part of our discussion, we will review your specific needs and goals, assess your current financial situation, and offer suggestions for how you can improve your financial health.

Step 2

Data Collection and Financial Analysis

We’ll start by gathering your financial documents via our secure document portal where we can safely organize your information in one place. From there, we’ll help you gain a clear picture of your current financial situation and design a path to future success.

Step 3

Recommendations Meeting

Next, we meet with you to discuss our observations and recommendations. During this meeting, we may also review a proposed financial plan and investment portfolio analysis.

Step 4


We will work with you to put our recommendations into action, and our client service team will communicate with you to coordinate all necessary paperwork.

Step 5

Ongoing Monitoring and Advice

As the economic environment evolves and your life circumstances change, we monitor and update your portfolio and financial plan as needed.

We offer regularly scheduled meetings with you and can meet in person, by phone, or by video conference for your convenience.

Using our secure online portal, you can view your current financial picture 24/7 on your computer or via mobile app.

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Your Team

Highly personalized service and accessible expertise

We believe that providing outstanding client service is the key to success in any industry and is especially important when it comes to managing your financial future. It is vital to our business model that you are not only listened to, but feel valued and important after every single interaction you have with Capital Advantage.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, available, and accommodating. When you call our office during business hours, you can expect to speak with a real person—not a computer.

Create an Enhanced Wealth Plan for Your Financial Future

We invite you to meet with one of our financial advisors for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your investment portfolio and to see what we can do for you to improve your financial health.

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