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Women and Wealth

Our goal in developing financial plans and investment strategies is to protect and grow your assets and provide financial clarity and peace of mind. Our financial advisors are familiar with the challenges you may face and have the expertise to provide guidance for every stage of your life.


Helping women build a clear roadmap to a secure future

As your financial advisor, we will help you design and implement a financial strategy that clarifies and supports your needs for today and dreams for the future. We’ll create an actionable plan to meet your goals and help you prioritize the steps you need to take to get there.

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Empowering women investors

Nearing Retirement

Capital Advantage will review your current assets and income that you’ve earmarked for retirement and craft a customized plan designed to make your retirement a time of personal growth and opportunity–balancing your immediate financial needs with your goals for the future.

The goal is for you to have a financial plan designed to help ensure that you achieve financial independence when you want.


The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Complicating the loss are the often-confusing financial issues that need to be dealt with now and in the future.

Most new widows have a lot of questions about financial matters. We believe that our role is to provide the support you need to help you understand and manage your new financial situation, and to help you better position yourself for a more secure financial future.


The biggest fear for most retirees is outliving their money. An effective retirement plan can help provide peace of mind, taking into consideration factors such as inflation, taxes, investment performance, and appropriate withdrawals.

Part of our planning process is to review your assets and sources of income, and then plan ongoing savings or withdrawal strategies to help make your money last.


The end of a marriage can be emotionally and financially challenging. We are here to support women who need to restructure their financial futures.  

We’ll help you determine your income needs, take a fresh look at your retirement accounts, investments, etc., and create a new personalized financial plan to help you move forward with clarity and confidence.

Women’s unique financial needs

Women generally save less for retirement than men

On average, women earn 22% less than men (as full-time employees)1 and have about 30% less saved by the time they retire.2

Women have 12 fewer years of earned income than men due to caregiving responsibilities

These 12 years (on average) have a domino effect, which includes diminished Social Security benefits, career advancement, employee-base retirement benefits, and accumulated savings.3

Women often need more funds for retirement, as they typically live longer than men

Life expectancy for a woman at birth is 81 years versus 74 for a man.4

Client Success Story

How Capital Advantage helped Linda, a recent widow, understand her new financial situation

Linda (age 58), a recent widow, feels overwhelmed by the financial issues that need attention following her husband’s passing. While they had both worked, he had handled most of the family finances, leaving her unsure of how to manage her new financial situation – much less where to start..

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today

Meet with one of our financial advisors for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Together we’ll assess your financial situation, review your goals, and discuss changes you can make to improve your financial health.

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