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We understand that choosing a financial advisor is an important decision, which is why we offer a no-cost initial consultation with one of our financial advisors.

The consultation is typically a 30-minute phone call depending on the breadth of topics discussed. This meeting will focus on getting to know you and understanding your financial picture and goals. Additionally, we’ll explain more about what we do, answer your questions, and help you determine if Capital Advantage is the right fit for you.

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Capital Advantage was founded with the fundamental goal of placing clients at the center of the financial planning and investment process.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Capital Advantage a fiduciary? What does that mean for me?

Yes, Capital Advantage is a fiduciary. As an SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA), Capital Advantage is held to a strict fiduciary standard, which means that we are not only committed—but also legally obligated—to put your interests before our own.


Is Capital Advantage a fee-only advisor? How do you get paid?

Yes, Capital Advantage is a 100% fee-only SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA). Our fee-only structure enables us to make independent decisions based on what is best for our clients and their financial goals. 

Our standard annual fee for investment management services–which includes ongoing financial planning and retirement planning–is calculated based on the balance of your assets under management, with a minimum quarterly fee. See our schedule of fees.


Do you charge extra for financial planning and retirement planning?

No, both financial planning and retirement planning are included in our investment management fee. A key component of our investment approach is to make sure that we are clear on what your goals are and that you’re clear on how your wealth will be managed.


Will you personalize my investment strategy and create a financial plan for my unique needs and goals?

Yes, your unique financial goals are at the core of everything we do.

At Capital Advantage, we take the time to build meaningful personal relationships—the end result being that together, we can develop a financial strategy unique to your life, your family, and your goals.

Our investment strategy is designed to manage and make the most of your wealth in the current economic environment through fundamental research, disciplined valuation techniques, and a long-term focus—and is always motivated by your financial objectives.