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About Us

We are committed to helping you define and achieve your financial goals. We aim to provide highly personalized service, custom portfolio management, and tailored financial planning.

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Our Story

Placing clients at the center of what we do

Capital Advantage was founded in direct response to a glaring need in the financial industry–independent thought in investment planning and a loyal commitment to clients.

Determined to create a business model that would focus on the client, John Hayman established what is now Capital Advantage, Inc. in 1982–an independent, 100% fee-only investment firm that acts as a fiduciary and strives to provide peace of mind to each and every client.

Today, Capital Advantage is proud to be a local, employee-owned firm that now serves over 1000 individuals.

what makes us different

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Capital Advantage specializes in providing personalized wealth management services to individuals and families.

We believe that investment management and financial planning go hand-in-hand; that is why we offer ongoing financial planning at no additional cost for our investment management clients.

100% Fee-only

We work on a fee-only basis which enables us to make independent decisions based on what is best for our clients and their financial goals.

40+ Years of Expertise

Founded in 1982, Capital Advantage has established strong roots in our community and grown to be one of the premier wealth management firms in the area.

Fiduciary Standard of Care

As an SEC-registered investment advisor, Capital Advantage is held to a strict fiduciary standard, which means that we are not only committed—but also obligated—to put your interests ahead of our own.

Our Approach

Highly personalized client experience

At Capital Advantage, we believe that providing outstanding client service is the key to success in any industry, especially when it comes to managing your financial future. It is vital to our business model that you are not only listened to, but feel valued and important after every interaction you have with us.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, available, and accommodating. When you call our office during business hours, you can expect to speak with a real person—not a computer.

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your team

We’re here for you every step of the way

The Capital Advantage team is comprised of experienced professionals who are devoted to truly getting to know you and what your goals and dreams are for the future.

As our client, you will have a dedicated team working with–and for–you.

Make Sure You’re on the Right Path to a Secure Financial Future

Contact us today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our advisors.

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