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As a retiree, an effective investment strategy and retirement plan is essential to ensuring that you will not outlive your retirement income.

Now, it is more important than ever to protect your retirement nest egg by addressing factors such as inflation, taxes, investment performance, and appropriate withdrawals.

Retirement Success

Feel confident about your financial future

Accumulating and saving for retirement is the easy part; what is difficult is how to distribute your life savings in a sustainable and tax-friendly way so you can feel confident about your financial future.

As your personal wealth advisor, we’ll help you stay on track for retirement success.

Investment Management

As you enter retirement, ensuring that your portfolio is invested prudently with a focus on risk management is key. For many retirees, it’s important to consider focusing their portfolio more on income production with reduced risk when compared to how they invested during their pre-retirement years. We will help assist you in evaluating your portfolio, and partner with you to ensure that you satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) needs.

Tax Optimization

Through the use of tax optimization strategies including but not limited to selective asset location between tax-deferred and taxable accounts, annual gifting, tax loss harvesting, and qualified charitable distributions, we can help you invest and manage your wealth in a more tax efficient manner. We also encourage partnership and dialogue with your third-party professionals, including tax professionals.

Retirement Income and Withdrawal Strategies

We will help you to understand and evaluate your expected income sources in retirement. Oftentimes, retirees have many choices when it comes to how or when they begin receiving different forms of retirement income. As part of this process, we will assist you in making decisions around your Social Security, pension, and other retirement income election options.

Ongoing Retirement Planning

Through regular contact and periodic updates to your retirement plan, we will monitor the status of your plan and rebalance your portfolio to ensure alignment with your risk tolerance. We will regularly review your beneficiary designations to make sure they are up to date and in alignment with your wishes. We will also periodically review your portfolio withdrawal rates to ensure they are sustainable.

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Client Success Story

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