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Individuals and Families

Your personal financial goals and dreams are at the forefront of our process.

Putting together all of the pieces of a successful wealth management strategy can be a daunting task for individuals and families. Whether you are a seasoned, experienced investor or are new to financial decision-making, you may have questions about investment strategy and planning.

A key component of our investment approach is to make sure that we are clear on what your goals are, and that you’re clear on how your wealth will be managed.

For us, you are more than just an account. You are a person with a story, and a family, and a future—and we’re here to help sort through all the options and to help you protect and grow what you’ve already built.

We also know that families can be complicated, and things don’t always go according to plan in life.

A loss or divorce can be overwhelming, and we believe that during major life transitions, our role is to provide support, transparency and comfort. We are highly experienced at working with clients who are:

  • Approaching retirement or newly retired
  • Recently widowed or divorced
  • Newly appointed trustees or inheritance recipients
  • Currently balancing college and retirement savings

We function as your personal financial advisor, someone who is available to sort through your challenges and collaborate with you to determine—and implement—solutions.

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