Capital Advantage, Inc. Thrives Despite Recession

Despite the great recession, Capital Advantage, Inc. utilizes strategic investment management combined with superior client service to surpass 375 clients and $260 million in managed assets.

Capital Advantage, Inc., one of the East Bay’s larger independent Registered Investment Advisors, inked contracts this year with 25 new clients – representing roughly $33 million of new business (or 15% growth) since January 1, 2009.

John S. Hayman, CFP, President and Founder of Capital Advantage, Inc. states, “I am very proud of this firm and its dedicated employees. This year’s growth, stemming from our sound investment processes and attentive client service, demonstrates how truly effective our procedures are working.” While many other financial service firms recently experienced mass layoffs, bankruptcy or even bailouts, Capital Advantage, Inc. contrasted this norm and continues to do so. Hayman says, “Capital Advantage, Inc. is financially sound. We are profitable, debt-free, hold intact and untouched bank credit lines, and have high cash liquidity. If a rating agency was to evaluate our firm, the financial stability would be rated AAA.”

Capital Advantage, Inc. has invested both time and capital to successfully integrate and leverage technology into its practices to drive productivity and enhance efficiency , while simultaneously increasing its client base and service levels. Aimee Schwartze, Director of Client Service, says, “Capital Advantage, Inc. has increased its levels of service to the end client, because in such a difficult investment environment, having world class client service is mission critical. Many new clients complain that their prior financial advisor never contacted them – never even returned phone calls – as they watched the economy crumble. One of the many differences Capital Advantage, Inc. offers is a proactive approach in keeping its clients informed with frequent verbal and written communications.”

Rick T. McNamara, CMFC, Director of Investment Management, says “Our investment process has never been better. Implementing a top-down, macro view helps to develop our strategic allocation (the allocation between stocks, bonds, and money funds) that is then built within each portfolio from the bottom-up. Capital Advantage, Inc. offers customization of each client portfolio, unlike the cookie-cutter allocation approach so many competing firms utilize. Despite the most challenging of investment environments, Hayman and McNamara agree that they both have more conviction in their investment management process now then ever before…“because it works.”

Capital Advantage, Inc. is an Investment Advisor registered with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm, in its 28th year of operation, manages assets in excess of $260 million and advises over 375 families, corporations, trusts and pension plans.