February 23, 2017

Capital Advantage Market Outlook and Investment Strategy for 2017

Financial Education Event with Capital Advantage

Please join Capital Advantage in the Arts & Science Discovery Center Room at the Lafayette Library on February 23rd at 5:30pm for an in-depth presentation on our 2017 Investment Strategy and Market Outlook.

With a new administration in the White House, many changes are happening on the world stage. Economic predictions, warnings and uncertainties are on a major upswing. The Capital Advantage Investment Committee has taken a careful look at the facts, and will explore the pros, cons and unknowns of today’s economic picture.

Financial Advisors Donna Zinman and Ian Castille will present:

  1. Current Economic Opportunities: (i.e. Corporate earnings growth, global GDP forecast, increase in business and consumer optimism)
  2. Current Economic Risks: (Rising interest rates and inflation, US Dollar strength)
  3. Current Economic Uncertainties: (New administration in the White House, tax reform, infrastructure spending)
  4. The 2017 Capital Advantage Investment Strategy

Please bring a friend, family member or colleague whom you think might benefit from this information as well.

As always, food will be served. The menu will include:
Grilled steak sandwiches with arugula and horseradish aioli
Jumbo prawns with spicy cocktail sauce
Sweet and sour meatball bites
Charcuterie and cheese selection
Chocolate chunk brownies

We’ll also be serving:
A selection of local beers (Trumer Pils, Lagunitas IPA, etc.)
La Crema Chardonnay
Argyle Pinot Noir

We hope you’ll join us! Space is limited, so please reply as soon as possible to Ann Huchingson at events@capitaladvantage.com or (925) 299-1500 if you would like to attend.

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