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The Password Balancing Act

Cybersecurity versus Memory: How To Make Great Passwords I’ve been thinking it’s time for me to reset all of my passwords (supposedly, we should do this at a very minimum of once per year, ideally every 90 days), but it feels like a monumental undertaking. Most of us wrestle with the complicated balancing act of trying […]

Presidential Candidates and Tax Reform Policies

The soap opera of the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election is nearing an end (I hope), and on November 8th we will be casting our votes for the next commander and chief. Though this election cycle has been somewhat entertaining, I’ll spare adding to the drama and try to add a little substance to your […]

A New Trend in the West?

Golda Meir…Margret Thatcher…Angela Merkel… Can you guess where this is going? Gender diversity amongst the top-ranked positions in government may not be common, but it is not a new idea.  To name a few women that have held the top spot: Golda Meir did it in Israel. Margret Thatcher did it in the United Kingdom. […]