Category: Investment Strategy

Is Market Volatility Ahead Due to Fed Tapering?

We’re writing to you today to provide insight into the upcoming potential that the Federal Reserve is going to begin tapering (tightening its monetary policy) as early as November of this year. This could prompt a reaction from the markets that results in increased volatility. Find out why below. Let’s rewind eight years back to […]

Women and Wealth: Financial Advice for Recent Widows

Most new widows have a lot of questions about financial matters. Below are the questions that I am most frequently asked, as well as my advice for helping women feel in control of their new financial situation.   Q: My spouse handled most of the finances. Now, I am overwhelmed and am not sure where […]

Tax Loss Harvesting: The Basics

After my wife and I submitted our income taxes this year, we sat down and uncorked a bottle of Roc’h Avel Clos De L’elu. Our taxes were a little more complex this past year, and it was definitely a good excuse to relax, and indulge in a deliciously crisp glass of wine (or two). Even […]