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Women and Wealth: The Unique Financial Needs of Women

Q&A with Capital Advantage Senior Financial Advisor Donna Zinman, CRPC® Over the past 25+ years that I’ve been working in financial services, I’ve noticed differences in women’s financial planning needs and approaches to investing versus men. Women’s roles in the home and the workforce have changed significantly from my mother’s era, when the traditional role […]

How to Stop the Dreaded Barrage of Unwanted Sales Calls

We’ve all been there. The whole family is seated at the table, dinner’s hot, and conversation is flowing. And then the phone rings. We ignore it. Voicemail picks up. There’s a brief interlude of quiet, and there it is again. Ringing, ringing, ringing. It seems like once you get on a sales list, the calls […]

A New Trend in the West?

Golda Meir…Margret Thatcher…Angela Merkel… Can you guess where this is going? Gender diversity amongst the top-ranked positions in government may not be common, but it is not a new idea.  To name a few women that have held the top spot: Golda Meir did it in Israel. Margret Thatcher did it in the United Kingdom. […]