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Women and Wealth: Financial Advice for Recent Widows

Most new widows have a lot of questions about financial matters. Below are the questions that I am most frequently asked, as well as my advice for helping women feel in control of their new financial situation.   Q: My spouse handled most of the finances. Now, I am overwhelmed and am not sure where […]

Nobody Wants to Move Twice! How to Avoid a Double-Move When Buying a Home

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many people are considering a move in the near future for a number of reasons including needing more space, a change in work environment, or wanting a less urban lifestyle. As demand and prices for single family homes in suburban areas are skyrocketing, most buyers need the equity […]

Women and Wealth: The Unique Financial Needs of Women

Q&A with Capital Advantage Senior Financial Advisor Donna Zinman, CRPC® Over the past 25+ years that I’ve been working in financial services, I’ve noticed differences in women’s financial planning needs and approaches to investing versus men. Women’s roles in the home and the workforce have changed significantly from my mother’s era, when the traditional role […]