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How Market Volatility Can Derail Your Retirement Plans

The 5 years leading up to retirement through the first 5 years after retirement is the most crucial period that a retiree will go through – in fact, a successful retirement (i.e. not running out of money) may boil down to this 10 year period known as “the Fragile Decade.” So why do these 10 […]

How to Get the ‘Best Buy’ on Your New Car — Without Haggling

After nine years of commuting, carpooling, field-tripping, road-tripping, and day-tripping in my trusty old SUV—not to mention more than a few spilled milkshakes, muddy feet and sandy beach towels—I was ready to get back to that clean “new car” smell. And when the alternator in my SUV went out for the third time in six […]

Tax Loss Harvesting: The Basics

After my wife and I submitted our income taxes this year, we sat down and uncorked a bottle of Roc’h Avel Clos De L’elu. Our taxes were a little more complex this past year, and it was definitely a good excuse to relax, and indulge in a deliciously crisp glass of wine (or two). Even […]