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The Importance of Legacy Planning: 4 Key Steps

Taking the necessary steps to facilitate a smooth transition and confirm that the transfer of your estate is carried out properly doesn’t need to be incredibly complicated (although it can be). Below is a starting framework for planning for your legacy.   Step 1: Think About Your Plan It’s hard to create and implement a […]

Women and Wealth: Financial Advice for Recent Widows

Most new widows have a lot of questions about financial matters. Below are the questions that I am most frequently asked, as well as my advice for helping women feel in control of their new financial situation.   Q: My spouse handled most of the finances. Now, I am overwhelmed and am not sure where […]

Nobody Wants to Move Twice! How to Avoid a Double-Move When Buying a Home

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many people are considering a move in the near future for a number of reasons including needing more space, a change in work environment, or wanting a less urban lifestyle. As demand and prices for single family homes in suburban areas are skyrocketing, most buyers need the equity […]