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LAFAYETTE, CA September 4, 2014 Capital Advantage, Inc.'s Colin Taylor Achieves CFA Designation

Capital Advantage, Inc. President and Founder John Hayman, CFP® is pleased to announce that Colin Taylor has passed the CFA Level III exam and has been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation from the CFA Institute. The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential has become the most respected and recognized investment designation in the world, and is recognized globally for the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence in the investment management industry.

Colin Taylor received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business from The Colorado College in Colorado Springs in 2001, and has been working in the financial services industry for over 9 years. Colin has been with Capital Advantage, Inc. for over 3 years, providing security selection and analysis, portfolio management strategies, asset allocation recommendations, and investment and market commentary.

Capital Advantage, Inc. President Hayman states "In addition to his remarkable achievement, Colin has been promoted to Director of Investment Management. We are all very proud of his achievement and professional growth. There is no question that Colin is a great asset, adding immense value to our company, its employees and our clients."

Capital Advantage, Inc. is a 100% fee-only, SEC registered investment advisor headquartered in Lafayette, California. Capital Advantage, Inc. specializes in investment management and retirement planning and currently manages over $500,000,000 in assets for over 475 families and businesses. For more information about the services of Capital Advantage, Inc., please visit

Capital Advantage, Inc. Surpasses $400,000,000 in Managed Assets

Lafayette, California-(BusinessWire)-Capital Advantage, Inc., a 100% fee-only registered investment advisor, has surpassed a new milestone. On March 20, 2013, Capital Advantage, Inc.'s discretionary assets under management exceeded $400 Million.

Capital Advantage, Inc. President and Founder John Hayman, CFP® says, "We have been helping people feel confident about their financial future for decades. Reaching $400 Million in managed assets helps to show that our investment strategies and financial advice works, and that's the foundation of the long-term relationships we build with our clients and their families. We help clients get on the right financial path from the beginning, and they choose to stay with us throughout the different phases of their lives, from building savings to forming a sustainable retirement income plan. Our ability to effectively advise each client on their personal financial situation while managing their investment risk has allowed us to reach this milestone, and remains a top priority for us."

Capital Advantage, Inc.'s noteworthy client retention rate, along with new financial advisory relationships and investment returns, have added over $100 million in managed assets since September 2010.

When Hayman began in the investment management industry in 1982, he specialized in two areas that remain at the center of Capital Advantage, Inc.'s successful strategy: personalized financial planning and independent investment management. Hayman believes the company's core strength is retirement planning, and looks forward to helping some of the millions of baby boomers currently preparing for retirement. Capital Advantage, Inc. utilizes actively-managed, value-based investment strategies to help clients meet their goals, and remains available to help new clients plan for their financial future, offering no-cost initial consultations to all prospective clients.

Capital Advantage, Inc. Reaches $300 Million Assets under Management

Lafayette, California—(BusinessWire)—Capital Advantage, Inc., a 100% Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor, recently hit a milestone, exceeding discretionary assets under management of $300 million as of September 21, 2010.

Founder and President of Capital Advantage, Inc., John S. Hayman, CFP states: “I am extremely proud of our firm. This is the most challenging business market I have witnessed in my nearly thirty year career in the financial services industry. Our tactical asset allocation strategies helped in safeguarding our clients’ assets through the recent economic downturn, and our timely shift back to carefully selected fixed income and emerging market investments proved to be a winning strategy.”

Despite the troubled economy, both Capital Advantage, Inc.’s client base and managed assets have grown over the last few years, reflecting the increasing importance of investing with discipline and long-term focus while adapting to changing market environments.

Hayman explains: "We believe that an active approach to managing investment risk is more efficient than a dynamic quarterly rebalancing type of approach. Our experience and research has led us to believe that an active approach is invaluable, therefore we have designed our investment selection processes to incorporate both technical and fundamental components.”

Capital Advantage, Inc. witnessed the success of its business development strategy, led by Senior Vice President Donna Zinman, MBA. Zinman says: “We are pleased to have reached this milestone because it truly demonstrates the hard work and dedication of our entire staff. Our proactive approach of keeping clients informed of our investment strategies and tactics each step of the way has led to numerous referrals from both clients and business partners.

“Looking forward, our company’s core strength - retirement planning – sits in front of a tidal wave of retiring baby boomers," says Hayman, adding that many investors are still scared. “The pressure is on for baby boomers saving for retirement, and they are very grateful for personalized face-to face advice. A client’s retirement nest egg is like their health…they want to discuss their future with a seasoned professional advisor, not a salesman. Luckily, we have the experience, talent and gray hair to do just that!”

About Capital Advantage, Inc.

Capital Advantage, Inc., a leading provider of retirement, inheritance, and divorce planning, delivers investment management strategies and integrated solutions to over 400 families, businesses and estates worldwide across every asset class, investment approach and style. Capital Advantage, Inc., a Better Business Bureau A+ rated business, was recently ranked #7 by the East Bay Business Times and is a member of the elite Schwab Advisor Network (SAN) program. For more information about Capital Advantage, Inc., please visit or call 925.299.1500.


LAFAYETTE, CA— Sept. 2009 — Capital Advantage, Inc. Thrives Despite Recession

Despite the great recession, Capital Advantage, Inc. utilizes strategic investment management combined with superior client service to surpass 375 clients and $260 million in managed assets.

Capital Advantage, Inc., one of the East Bay’s larger independent Registered Investment Advisors, inked contracts this year with 25 new clients - representing roughly $33 million of new business (or 15% growth) since January 1, 2009.

John S. Hayman, CFP, President and Founder of Capital Advantage, Inc. states, “I am very proud of this firm and its dedicated employees. This year’s growth, stemming from our sound investment processes and attentive client service, demonstrates how truly effective our procedures are working.” While many other financial service firms recently experienced mass layoffs, bankruptcy or even bailouts, Capital Advantage, Inc. contrasted this norm and continues to do so. Hayman says, “Capital Advantage, Inc. is financially sound. We are profitable, debt-free, hold intact and untouched bank credit lines, and have high cash liquidity. If a rating agency was to evaluate our firm, the financial stability would be rated AAA.”

Capital Advantage, Inc. has invested both time and capital to successfully integrate and leverage technology into its practices to drive productivity and enhance efficiency , while simultaneously increasing its client base and service levels. Aimee Schwartze, Director of Client Service, says, “Capital Advantage, Inc. has increased its levels of service to the end client, because in such a difficult investment environment, having world class client service is mission critical. Many new clients complain that their prior financial advisor never contacted them – never even returned phone calls - as they watched the economy crumble. One of the many differences Capital Advantage, Inc. offers is a proactive approach in keeping its clients informed with frequent verbal and written communications.”

Rick T. McNamara, CMFC, Director of Investment Management, says “Our investment process has never been better. Implementing a top-down, macro view helps to develop our strategic allocation (the allocation between stocks, bonds, and money funds) that is then built within each portfolio from the bottom-up. Capital Advantage, Inc. offers customization of each client portfolio, unlike the cookie-cutter allocation approach so many competing firms utilize. Despite the most challenging of investment environments, Hayman and McNamara agree that they both have more conviction in their investment management process now then ever before…“because it works.”

Capital Advantage, Inc. is an Investment Advisor registered with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm, in its 28th year of operation, manages assets in excess of $260 million and advises over 375 families, corporations, trusts and pension plans.

Donna Zinman, MBA
VP, Managing Director
Capital Advantage, Inc.

SANTA ROSA, CA— Oct. 2008 — John Hayman Radio Interview (KSRO News Talk – 1350 AM)

Listen to the StoryJohn Hayman, CFP talks with radio station KSRO about how individual investors should strive to manage their personal finances during the current period of economic turmoil and market uncertainty.

LAFAYETTE, CA— Sept. 2008 — Capital Advantage, Inc. Promotes Henke to Chief Compliance Officer

John Hayman, CFP - Founder and President of Capital Advantage, Inc. - has announced the promotion of Dawnalizabeth Henke to Chief Compliance Officer.

Hayman says, "I am very proud and confident in promoting Dawnalizabeth to this mission critical position within our firm." Dawnalizabeth has over ten years experience within the investment industry and has demonstrated her dedication and attention to detail in ensuring that all business units are in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ms. Henke has earned her Master of Science in Financial Analysis & Investment Management, and recently passed the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination.

Capital Advantage, Inc. is headquartered in Lafayette, California and specializes in Investment Management and Retirement Planning. The firm has assets under management of approximately $250 million and over 350 clients, serving as reputable and independent "fee-only" Financial Planners and Investment Advisors in the Lafayette, Moraga & Orinda communities.

LAFAYETTE, CA— Jan. 2008 — Capital Advantage Gives Locally (Contra Costa County EHSD Public Information Office) — by Jackie Johnston

John Hayman is the owner of Capital Advantage, Inc., retirement planning and investment management specialists, in Lafayette. He found VESTIA in 2005 when he and his employees were looking for a way to give to local families. He says, “I’m charitably inclined as I think most people are, but I don’t want to just give a donation to a big agency. I like to see my hard-earned money used in the community locally, and I told VESTIA that I wanted to be involved in what goes on. It’s different when you can see what your contribution means to a local family.”

“Everyone here has a family,” explains Aimee Schwartze, Capital Advantage’s Director of Client Services. “We wanted to do something, and I thought we could adopt a family for the holidays. I did some research and found VESTIA’s Angel Tree that first year. We bought toys for that program, and then in 2006 and 2007, we contributed gifts and cash donations to VESTIA for the Holiday Helpers Warehouse.”

Aimee is the organizer of the holiday campaign at Capital Advantage, and she recruited coworkers and clients to give to VESTIA too. “We sent a letter to everyone on our client list asking for their donations. We made it easy for them to drop things off at our office, and set up cookies and coffee for them when they came by. If they also wanted to meet with us or ask questions about their investments while they were here, we made ourselves available to talk business too. We had a good response to our letters.”

John believes, “People want to give, but they don’t know how or where. Our firm has a circle of influence, and we do make certain representations, so we want to be sure that the agency we contribute to is really giving the donations to the people who need help the most. I personally want to talk to the mom I’m helping and see what she needs.”

John and his wife Nicola contributed $1,000 to VESTIA at the holidays, and John says he also made a few calls to clients to urge them to match that contribution. Aimee made numerous trips back and forth to Martinez to deliver all the donations Capital Advantage received for the Holiday Helpers Warehouse. And John made good on his intention to be involved in seeing where the money goes by spending some time at the Holiday Helpers Warehouse as a volunteer. He says “I was the only man there the day I volunteered, and I talked to people and saw for myself how it worked. It was a good experience.”

Aimee also volunteered at the Holiday Helpers Warehouse, and came away with her theme for the 2008 drive. “We noticed that no one donated blankets,” she says, “And a lot of people asked for them. It’s sad to me to think that someone needs a new, warm blanket, and we didn’t have that to give. So, we’re going to ask for new blanket donations this year. I’d like to set a goal for us, and try to get 1,000 new blankets.”

John responds a little hesitantly to Aimee’s lofty goal. He suggests, “Maybe we should try for 500 blankets…1,000 might be a little high.” Aimee though is enthusiastic about her plan, “We could call stores and ask them if they could donate blankets too. It’s something we could do year-round. If we start getting them early, maybe we’ll just rent a storage unit to keep them in! We could do that, couldn’t we?” John agrees, “Sure, sure. You just start calling those stores, and we’ll see what they say.”

VESTIA thanks John, Aimee and all the employees and clients of Capital Advantage for their generous support of VESTIA. If you'd like to help Aimee with their 2008 Blanket Drive, call her at (925) 299-1500, or

LAFAYETTE, CA— Dec. 2007 — Capital Advantage, Inc. Donates to East Bay Charities and Schools (BUSINESS WIRE)

Aimee Schwartze, Director of Client Services at Capital Advantage, Inc., organized another successful campaign to raise needed money, toys and warm clothes for the neediest of the needy in the East Bay. Schwartze said, "It's truly heartwarming when you can provide a warm blanket, coats and toys for a woman living out of her car with her children." Aimee received donations from family, friends, co-workers, Capital Advantage, and clients of Capital Advantage, Inc. totaling over 45 toys, 125 articles of clothing and cash for a total in excess of $2,229. Ms. Schwartze worked through VESTIA (Volunteer Emergency Services Team in Action) a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization where approximately 100% of the donations go directly to the recipients.

In addition, Gary Clarke, Director of Sales at Capital Advantage, Inc., organized a school fund raising activity where 50% of Capital Advantage's holiday purchases were donated to the Bollinger Elementary School of San Ramon, California. The purchases netted the school fund $1,100 where Gary's daughter Courtney is a student. The proceeds of this fund are used for needed art, music, library and athletic supplies.

Capital Advantage, Inc. is a provider of 100% Fee-Only financial advice in the Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga cities. Capital Advantage, Inc. provides a complete range of Financial Planning services that includes Retirement, Inheritance and Estate Planning.

LAFAYETTE, CA— Aug. 2007 — Capital Advantage, Inc. Announces Gary Clarke Promoted to Director of Sales (BUSINESS WIRE)

Capital Advantage, Inc., a provider of 100% Fee-Only financial advice with over 350 Clients and $270 million in Assets under Management, has promoted Gary Clarke to Director of Sales.

Clarke moved to Capital Advantage, Inc. in 2005 as a Senior Financial Advisor from Charles Schwab & Co. He has developed a successful track record managing and developing new business relationships with high net worth individuals, business owners and centers of influence.

Capital Advantage, Inc. is a provider of 100% Fee-Only financial advice in the Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga cities. Capital Advantage, Inc. provides a complete range of Financial Planning services that includes Retirement, Inheritance and Estate Planning.

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